S​/​T EP

by Restraint

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Moises -vocals
Marc -guitars
Lauren -bass
Jordan -drums


released January 24, 2017

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Madison Woodward and Colin Knight at Paradise Records

layout by Jordan Chipman



all rights reserved


Restraint Fontana, California

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Track Name: Intro
Your objective
Capture your prey
I'm being watched every hour of the day

Vile emissaries following commands
My fate lies in the palm of their hands
Death has been sentenced now it's a matter of time
The true torments not knowing when they're gonna strike

Hidden shadows
Unheard voices
They're after me
I can't ignore it
Track Name: The Downfall
Products of corruption whose only functions are to imprison & strike fear
Servants to their masters ordered to capture those who do not adhere

I've seen it before, I'll see it again
The wrongful doing of crooked men
I've seen it before, I'll see it again
When faced with death is when the wicked repent

How many times will they get away with their crimes before you open your fucking eyes?
Granted authority to harass minorities
The goal is to keep us in line

Outnumbered & destroyed by the ones you kept in chains
The tables are turned
The downfall is in play
Track Name: No Escape
Imprisonment to fulfill your need to control my behavior & what I choose to think
Against my will for the advancement of man
But I'm no fool, I know your plan

Torture, confinement
The purpose is not to enlighten
But to constrain, to detain
Those you force into your games

Another subject to your experiment to further restriction of the mind
I haven't seen the light of day in years
The outside world is leaving me behind

There's no progress
Through this process
Kept in darkness
By false prophets

There's no escape
Track Name: Rapacity
Villainous puppets to the machine
Symbols of depravity lying through their teeth
Following the footsteps of those who came before
The same mentality with a new uniform

The sickness of rapacity infecting your kind
Avaricious devils poisoning your mind
Iniquitous actions you cannot undue
This confrontation won't end well for you

You've covered your ass
But all men fall, it's your time at last
No sympathizing with the inhumane whose only concern is what they can obtain

Fuck you
Track Name: Scripture
Salvation, the offer you propose
This plague you spread being shoved down my throat
The prophecy is being set on course
Propelled by conjecture to dominate by force

Slaughter in the name of superstition
Genocide of culture & tradition
Unholy men inflictions affliction
In order to accomplish the almighty mission

Humanity is a thing of the past
The end is near, it's coming fast
When power is seized by these human rats
The world around us is gonna collapse

Bodies scatter the battlefield
The secret agenda has been revealed
Condemn the unrighteous resistance
The brainwash of scripture will surely persist
Track Name: Election Day
Direction to extinction
The past & the present, I see no distinction
Helpless, I feel voiceless
As I watch the wrong choice being chosen

The prejudice dissent
Convincing the rest
Election day, another chance
For this nation to take their stance

Look what we're becoming
Have we remembered nothing?
No hope for this country
Things are going to get ugly
For you
For me
Soon enough you'll see
Hatred will progress
The outspoken will be suppressed